I own and operate a small business providing business-to-business services..

client1I contacted NME as I was attracted to their way of getting me new business. They are not a “telemarketing/calling company”. They contact the decision maker within the company you desire to do business with. They then set up a qualified, confirmed face-to-face meeting for me to “seal the deal”. I was able to get a few new clients with this method. Not only did NME get me appointments, they even supplied the “lead lists”.

What intrigued me to call NME was their payment/fee model – I didn’t have to pay for their effort to get me these appointments. I was charged for the confirmed face-to-face meeting only. I was only charged for results! These appointments were “qualified” – in other words they met my specified qualifications. The company I was referred to by NME had a need for my services.

NME got my “foot in the door” and “face-to-face” with prospective clients..

MICHAEL, Sales Executive

I am grateful to NME for helping my business to increase over the past few months. Their expertise in landing face-to-face meetings for me with prospective clients is phenomenal! My client list has nearly doubled! And because they charge for physical appointments only – not only was it convenient and feasible for me, but these appointments resulted in my bringing new clients on board. I would definitely recommend NME to everyone wishing to expand their business.

Andrew, Business Owner