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National Marketing Enterprises is a Direct Marketing Specialist that focuses on setting up qualified appointments with the Company and Decision Maker of your choice. We have worked with General Contractors, Property Managers, Project Managers, Roofing Manufacturers, Roofing Contractors. Our team has worked and specialized in these industries for the last 20 years


Our Company Mission
We have seen sales representatives double their pipeline within a relatively short time with sole reliance on appointment setting for business development. Our mission is to be your business partner in growing your sales revenue and expanding your client base.
Confidentiality and Discretion
Our affiliation with you is completely private. Clients feel as if we are part of your office staff. All sales activity and services are extremely privileged information, strictly kept confidential.
Expectation of the Perfect Appointment
The goal and objective of each appointment is to ultimately close a solution or services opportunity for your business. The most ideal outcome of the first appointment is a closing. Although not all appointments result in a “one call close”, we aim to only put you in front of prospective clients with a need to fill- sometimes that need is immediate, other times is due in the near future.
Appointment Setting Formula
Sharing your business idea with us, what exactly are you trying to sell, what service are you providing to the consumer, what are the benefits of your products, what sets you apart in the marketplace when comparing against your competitors. You talk and we listen. Before we embark on an appointment setting campaign for you, we want to truly understand your product or service. Many of our conversations with decision makers and prospective clients require us to command a basic knowledge of your business, and in this manner, we appear competent and credible, and most importantly, providing the image that we work directly alongside you as your sales assistant/marketing assistant.

Our Crazy Skills

Sales Promotion Activity 85%
Quality Prospect Data 95%
Lead Generation 85%
Continuous Mutual Feedback 75%

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