Already PROVEN: Our model works

NME’s Pay-Per-Appointment model works. We charge ONLY for booked confirmed qualified appointments. Having nearly 10 years in the field of direct marketing and appointment setting, we have verifiable results from clients that use our service and prefer our model.

Confidential discreet direct marketing

NME will behave as an extension of your company- embracing your company philosophy and protecting the credibility and discretion of your marketing campaign.

Lead Generation & Database Management

Filtering the leads of massive databases can be a tedious process.. NME works with sales staff to fine tune a list of potential prospects suited to your company’s demographic

New Clients = more income

Getting QUALIFIED appointments with INTERESTED decision makers is at the heart of the NME mission. Each call is taken seriously, and each lead is qualified carefully so that Sales Reps only go out to closable sales appointments

Our Company Mission

National Marketing Enterprises is a Direct Marketing Specialist that focuses on setting up qualified appointments with the Company and Decision Maker of your choice. We have worked with General Contractors, Property Managers, Project Managers, Roofing Manufacturers, Roofing Contractors. Our team has worked and specialized in these industries for the last 20 years.

Our appointment setting services include:

1. Campaigns to put your sales staff face to face with qualified prospects.
2. Generate leads according to your criteria and interest or give you the opportunity to pull out your leads through “List Giant” supplied by NME for your use.
3. We work with you to set up a script that will turn phone calls into qualified appointments.
4. In this script we ask all the questions that need to qualify the appointment, including their email address
5. An email confirmation is sent to the future “Client” with your Sales Reps contact information.
6. We customize ideas according to your business products and services.
7. We set up a database for our Client/Sales Representatives.

We work with the top manufacturers and contractors in the US, We are expanding and would also like to be involved in your company.

I am happy to say we have a 90% success rate with all we have pursued.

What Client’s Say

I own and operate a small business providing business-to-business services..

client1I contacted NME as I was attracted to their way of getting me new business. They are not a “telemarketing/calling company”. They contact the decision maker within the company you desire to do business with. They then set up a qualified, confirmed face-to-face meeting for me to “seal the deal”. I was able to get a few new clients with this method. Not only did NME get me appointments, they even supplied the “lead lists”.

What intrigued me to call NME was their payment/fee model – I didn’t have to pay for their effort to get me these appointments. I was charged for the confirmed face-to-face meeting only. I was only charged for results! These appointments were “qualified” – in other words they met my specified qualifications. The company I was referred to by NME had a need for my services.

NME got my “foot in the door” and “face-to-face” with prospective clients..

MICHAEL, Sales Executive

I am grateful to NME for helping my business to increase over the past few months. Their expertise in landing face-to-face meetings for me with prospective clients is phenomenal! My client list has nearly doubled! And because they charge for physical appointments only – not only was it convenient and feasible for me, but these appointments resulted in my bringing new clients on board. I would definitely recommend NME to everyone wishing to expand their business.

Andrew, Business Owner